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Castlefields is devoted to making technology integrate seamlessly with your business. We pride ourselves on providing your company with fast, personal, customized and complete IT services. That’s why we consider ourselves your complete IT solution.

We have many years experience of providing in-hand tools at the point of sale to ensure the deal is done and the loans completed accurately. Our clients include major high street lenders and household-name retailers.

Results can be delivered via our bespoke SMS gateway or through web-based mobile applications backed by state of the art platforms on our dedicated servers.

Castlefields Computer Consultants.
Offices at Southampton & Preston.
020 3239 3443 or 01772 724508


Castlefields began providing hand held solutions to the finance industry with programmed pocket calculators in 1994 and many units are still in daily use throughout the UK in major lending institutions and household-name retail stores.

Post 2000 we developed the first use of mobile phone SMS messaging to deliver calculation results. Every day hundreds of loan agreements were completed accurately using our bespoke SMS gateway.

Always innovative and keen to embrace the latest technology we deliver phone and tablet applications for major lenders that eradicate the need for processing printed documentation.

In addition we provide state of the art interactive websites using the latest platforms on our dedicated servers.

Castlefields Pocket Computer


  • Software Development:-
    • Web Apps
    • Slider Control Calculators
    • HTML 5
    • Javascript
    • Vue.js
    • SMS Gateways - Text Messaging
    • ASP.Net
    • VB.Net
    • Web Services
    • VBA

  • Database Development
    • SQL
    • Complex Stored Procedures and Views
    • MongoDB
    • Firebase